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Ordering Information

How to Order

You can use the online order form to place an order or request a quote for a pet portrait. If you do not wish to place an order online, you can fill out the order form and simply print out the confirmation page and send it by US mail. Please note: I do not require a deposit, nor do I request payment unless you are completely satisfied with the finished portrait. Please see my guarantee for details.


Prices for pet portraits vary between $50 and $500, depending on the medium, size, number of subjects, and background type chosen and do not include shipping charges. For detailed information on portrait prices and shipping charges, please visit the pricing page.

Time to Completion

The time to complete your portrait depends largely on how many other portraits I am concurrently working on, but it will usually take between two and four weeks after I receive your photos. Time to completion will likely be longer before Christmas, so please send your Christmas orders early to avoid disappointments! You will be informed of the approximate time to complete your pet portrait when you place your order. If you would like to receive the portrait before a certain date (such as a birthday or anniversary), please let me know and I will do my best to get the portrait to you before the big day.

Sometimes, shorter deadlines can be met, depending on the number of portraits I have scheduled at the time. If you need the portrait for a gift right away, please consider giving a Warm Fuzzies Pet Portraits Gift Certificate, which you can usually receive by e-mail, ready for printing, the same or very next day.


Several good, clear photographs of each pet in the portrait will be required to capture the best likeness possible. Keep in mind that the details that will be visible in the finished portrait are dependent upon the details that are visible in your photographs! Please see the photography tips page for some suggestions on capturing great photos of your pets.

Elements from different photographs (such as several different pets or a special background) can be used to create a single portrait. If some of your photos best capture different elements of an individual pet (perhaps one shows the best coloring, while another best captures the expression), these can be combined into the final portrait. Also, if there are items in the photograph that you want removed for the portrait (such as collars or bridles on your pet), this can easily be accomplished. Your photos will be returned with your completed portrait.

If you wish to send digital photographs of your pets, please be sure to take them using the highest resolution possible. You may also send scanned photographs, but please make sure you scan them at 300 DPI (dots per inch) or higher, and that the scans are clear and correctly represent the colors of the original photographs. I will need to be able to print a clear image that is large enough to work from.


After your pet portrait is finished, I will send you a preview photo by e-mail, and I will only ask for payment when you are completely satisfied. Once I receive your payment, I will send your portrait to you, along with any photographs you may have sent me. Then I will send you an e-mail to let you know it has shipped and to give you the tracking number.

I accept payment by Paypal, personal check, or money order. Please make your check or money order payable to "Dawn Bushong". Note that if you are paying by check, I will need to wait until it has cleared before I ship your portrait.


Your portrait will be carefully packed and shipped flat via UPS or the USPS, and will include insurance. Package tracking is offered by both UPS and the USPS. After it has shipped, I will send you the tracking number in an e-mail so that you can track your portrait's progress. For detailed information on shipping charges, please visit the pricing page.


I offer an unconditional guarantee on all the pet portraits I create. If you are not happy with the final portrait, you do not pay anything!